3D Scanning and Design Technology

Inside the factory

3D Scanning Technology

3D scanning is a process that captures the physical shape and appearance of an object and converts it into a digital 3D model. It's a technology used in various fields. Our design engineers use the 3D scanner to scan predominately inflatable collars, foam collars, bare hulls and yachts. The 3D scanner collects data points from the surface of an object using various methods, such as laser, structured light or photogrammetry. The scanner will record the objects geometry, texture and colour information. Our 3D scanner is completely portable so we use it in the factory daily and can travel easily with it.

Design technology


CAD has revolutionized the design and manufacturing processes, offering precision, efficiency, and the ability to create intricate designs that might not be feasible with traditional drafting methods. CAD facilitates the entire design process from conceptualization to final product or structure. It enables iterative design changes, improving efficiency and accuracy. CAD offers 3D visualization, allowing designers to see how a product will look before production. This aids in detecting flaws or making improvements early in the design phase.

3D Model

General Arrangement

A General Arrangement (GA) drawing is a type of technical drawing used in various industries, particularly in engineering, architecture, and construction. It provides an overall view and layout of a structure, system, or component, presenting its key elements and their relationships. General Arrangement drawings are crucial for conveying to our customers the intended design layout, allowing our clients to understand how different components or systems fit
together within a larger structure or project.