Painting/Washdown Raft

 Two Versions of Inflatable Compact Painting/Wasdown Rafts

Our fully inflatable raft, which is manufactured from the best quality Hypalon coated drop stitch fabric that has a deck depth of 20cms, is fitted with two water ballast stabilising pockets, that help provide a stable platform for undertaing work alongside the hull of large yachts. Built in various sizes, they are inflated to about 7psi. Incorporates heavy duty webbing tie off patches at each corner.

Painting raft

  An Inflatable Painting Raft, so that you no longer have to use a tender to carry out maintenance on the hull. Measuring 300cms x 150cms with a removeable composite folding deck, the Inflatable tubes are manufactured in 1300gsm heavy duty long lasting Hypalon coated fabric. The Inflatable tubes have two air chambers and four stainless steel D ring webbing securing patches. Supplied with a Bravo high capacity foot pump.


Painting Raft  Painting Raft