Types of Fabric

All our RIB collars are constructed using Hypalon coated fabric. The fabric is available in two different weights:

1300 grams per square metre (utilises a textile base of Polyamide of 1100 DTex)
1500 grams per square metre (utilises a textile base of Polyamide of 1670 DTex)

Hypalon is coated onto the outside of the fabric, providing UV, chemical and abrasion resistance, with a layer of Neoprene covering the inside, giving the fabric its air-tightness.

The fabric is bonded together with Bostik NE486 or Bostik 2402 two-part adhesive.

The fabric is available in a wide selection of colours.  

The finish of the Hypalon side is a smooth shiny finish. We also supply fabric with a Mat fabric impression finish. Available in limited weights and colours. Please view colours and availability in our on line shop here.


Orca Hypalon coated fabric

Data Sheets for Hypalon fabric

 1300gsm fabric

 1500gsm fabric

Drop Stitch Fabric

We manufacture several products using double walled drop stitch fabric. This enables us to manufacture inflatable products which can create a flat rigid surface. The drop stitch is normally inflated to about 8psi.



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