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Website Terms and Conditions

Whenever you use this Website to order a Henshaw Inflatables product or service, our website terms and conditions will apply to your use of the website in addition to the general terms and conditions of sale. By ordering a Henshaw Inflatables product or service through the website, you shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to our website terms and conditions.

Product and Service Descriptions

We have taken reasonable precautions to try to ensure that prices quoted on the website are correct and that all products have been fairly described. However, when ordering products or services through the website, please note that:

  • Orders will only be accepted if there are no material errors in the description of the goods or services or their prices as advertised on this website;
  • All items are subject to availability. We will inform you as soon as possible if the product(s) or service(s) you have ordered are not available and we may offer alternative product(s) or service(s) of equal or higher quality and value.